One of Somaliland’s most respected doctors, Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gabose who spoke to the media a short while ago made an impassioned plea directly to the public and the President of the Republic of Somaliland HE Muse Bihi Abdi to stop Khat imports to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19 in Somaliland.

Dr. Gabose who spoke candidly about the dangers of COVID-19 pandemic and the possible life long complications that one may encounter even if they recover from the virus. He added that so far there is no solution to these complication which may effect multiple organs.

Dr. Gabose reminded the public that khat is not packaged or prepared for human consumption as one expects of other consumables but is handled directly by hand in the most unsanitary conditions possible and is a perfect vehicle to spread COVID-19 from its consumer to anyone they get in contact with.

Speaking directly to the President, Dr. Gabose spoke of his unique qualification and training on prevention of infectious diseases and implored President Bihi accept council from someone with his breadth of expertise and stop khat imports at once.

So far there is no indication that Somaliland government is considering banning khat and according to the Minister of Information and Public Guidence Hon. Saleban Ali Kore, Somaliland does not posses the resources to enforce a total ban on khat.

Dr. Gabose with Somaliland VP and former Minister of Health on the opening of Haldoor Hospital

Dr. Gabose, a renowned neurologist who has held cabinet position in President Egal’s government who currently runs Haldoor private hospital in Hargeisa is a high ranking member of the Waddani opposition party and has in the past leveled withering criticism against the President. He is not on the National Preparedness Committee for COVID19.