Somaliland government issues a strong condemnation to the United Nations Special Representative of Secretary General Mr. James Swan following a statement he made at the International Peace Institute where he discussed inclusion of Somaliland in Somalia’s electoral process.

The government unusually strong rebuke to Mr. Swan statement questioned the United Nations impartiality in regional diplomatic initiatives and reiterated that the Somaliland government is the sole and legitimate representative of the Somaliland people.

The statement also indirectly warned the international community at large to “refrain from any action or rhetoric that risks defaming Somaliland’s electoral integrity, independence and sovereignty“.

According to senior government official who spoke on condition of anonymity, Somaliland government discussed a range of options in response to Mr. Swan’s statement that included issuing him a persona non grata status and added that “We have been painfully polite to a fault but statements like this will no longer be tolerated from anyone. We are willing to oblige anyone who is seeking an early retirement. This is effectively Mr. Swan’s only and final warning“.

Mr. Swan’s was appointed when his predecessor, Mr. Nicholas Haysom was barred from working with the government of Somalia with a persona non grata status on January 1st 2019.