In an unusually short statement by Somalia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation stated that Mr. Nicholas Haysom has been informed that “he is no longer welcome nor can operate in Somalia”.

The hasty statement which some have interpreted as assigning Mr. Haysom a persona non grata status in Somalia was short on specifics but added that “He has broken the United Nations’ Operational protocol in Somalia and has deliberately interfered in the country’s independence.”

This follows a strongly worded letter from Mr. Haysom and other International donors to Somalia who demanded answers to the unrest in Baodao and the arrest of some 300 people including the Presidential candidate Mr. Mukhtaar Roobow.

Mr. Roobow is a former high ranking member of Al-shabaab terrorist group and since abandoning the group has re-branded himself a politician and was believed to be on his way to winning the Presidency of the South western region. His arrest has rocked the state and particularly its capital Baidao in recent days.

Image result for mukhtar roobow concor
British Ambassador to Somalia David Concar with Mukhtaar Roobow

In addition to Mr. Haysom’s letter in which he demanded explanation for the arrest of Mr. Roobow, other donor countries including the UK have sent a similar letter to Somalia Minister of Interior Security.

It is unclear if Somalia’s government will also target others including the UK Ambassador to Somalia David Concar, EU Delegation to Somalia Fulgencio Garrido Ruiz and the German Ambassador to Somalia Anett Günther for expulsion from Somalia.

It is also unclear if the expulsion of Mr. Haysom is related to a statement released by Mr. Haysom’s office condemning the mortar attack on the UN compound in Mogadishu that wounded 3 employees.

Mr. Haysom has not given Somalia the leeway it had with his predecessor Mr. Michael Keating who was seen as sympathetic to Somalia’s week federal government and has diligently towed its line. Even Mr. Keating last report before the United Nations Security Council painted a rosy picture of the situation in Somalia

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