The results of our week long poll to evaluate Mayor Abdirahman Mahmoud Aidiid (Soltelco) and Hargeisa City Council  performance rating through public polling are finally here!

Number of Participants3,567
Poll Duration7 Days
Poll MethodOnline

A total of 12.1% of respondents approve of Mayor Abdirahman Mahmoud Aidiid (Soltelco) handling of his job while 87.9% disapprove.

Hargeisa City Council has a job approval rating of 11.2% v 88.8% disapprove of how the Council has handled its job.

9% of respondents favor Mayor Abdirahman Mahmoud Aidiid (Soltelco) for a second term as a Mayor.

88.3% of respondents have unfavorable view of Mayor Abdirahman Mahmoud Aidiid (Soltelco) honesty and trustworthiness.

Only 11.3% of respondents approve the 
Mayor’s handling of water services in Hargeisa. 

On this question, only 14.9% of respondents agree that their property taxes are used for their intended purposes without corruption, while 85.1% disagree or strongly disagree.

Mayor Abdirahman Mahmoud Aidiid (Soltelco) has cited new road construction as one of his greatest accomplishments, however 83.4% of respondents do not agree.

Only 12.7% of respondents are satisfied by the basic services they receive from Hargeisa Municipality, while 87.4% are either unsatisfied or very unsatisfied.

While we are unsure of Mayor Abdirahman Mahmoud Aidiid (Soltelco)’s future political ambition, 92.3% of respondents will not elect him as President.