If, I was asked to define the era in which we are living, and the character of the events we are witnessing, I would have said ‘it is the era of the greatest event of the time, the agreement of the two governments, Somaliland and UAE’ with the partnership of Ethiopia.
This event is happening in a new turn in the history of mankind, a turn from unpopular to a Multi-polar world. This historical change on the global level is hugely impacting on us, in the third world, in the way we used to live, behave and reacted to the events that decided our destiny, specifically in the regions of the Middle East, the Gulf, and the Horn of Africa, where for instance, the civil war in Yemen led the UAE and Saudi Arabia to intervene in order to stop the Iranian regime’s expansion. And where, in another level, the contrast between Somalia and Somaliland systems can only be compared with that of Athens in the Greece ancient history, as Athens had been an Oasis of peace and democracy, while Sparta persisted as a terrain of wars and warlords. Unfortunately, the State elite in Somalia remain dictatorial and inhuman, both in ideology as well as in practice, reiterating the same practice of the Siyad Barre regime. The live example in this respect lies in the irrational reaction to the considerable beneficial agreement reached at between the two brotherly countries, which can significantly change the life of four million poor Somalis.

This Irrational hostile stand recalled the Somaliland people the crimes committed by the Siyad Bare army in 1980s. And instead to move, even at the level of lip-serves, towards the remedy of the deep injures in the heart of the people of Somaliland they mobilized the entire world against the livelihood of supposedly a brother people.

Unfortunately, the future prospect of reconciliation of Somalia and Somaliland became further remote with the undemocratic and inhuman orientation of the Somalia’s elite, a matter that raised a fundamental question as to what kind of Somalia they have in mind to build,

Evidently, not a democratic model similar to that of the UAE or the Switzerland based ideals, but retrieving the Fascist Somalia pattern of Siyad Barre which was similar in sectarianism to the one that Houties are trying to create in Yemen.

These rightful and legitimate concerns gave no room for optimism to the people and government of Somaliland rather, the possibility of provoking the deep wounds and emotional bias, fanatical instinct and sectarianism as contras to reconciliation and forgiveness that the Somaliland system teaches everybody, not only in this region but the world at large.

Taking these deep-rooted worries into seriousness, I would like to express my personal appreciation to the deal reached between our two governments, and urge the UAE to take another bold step towards diplomatic recognition of Somaliland, that would halt all attempts to establish Fascism in Mogadishu or sectarianism in Yemen.

By Ambassador Adam Jibril Muse